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I came to Dr. Chun in the fall of 2006 with pain in my hip and a tight IT-band. After a few weeks of chiropractic adjustment and acupuncture, I was free from pain. Since then I have seen Dr. Chun almost every week for chiropractic adjustments which has helped prevent pain and injuries from my hectic athletic and professional schedule. I give Dr. Chun my best recommendations and encourage everyone to make an appointment for adjustment.
- Bjossi Arngrimson Ph.D Exercise Physiologist and a Member of the Icelandic National Track and Field Team.

I had a car accident (rear end collision) many years ago and had ever since experienced tightness in my neck & back. After only a few treatments with Dr. Chun the irritability in my neck stopped and my lower back has been in very good shape. Thank you Dr. Chun.

My back was in agonizing pain everyday, however after being treated by Dr. Chun I can actually lift things I previously thought impossible. No kidding aside, Dr. Chun has saved my life. If you feel even the slightest ounce of pain in your back, neck or shoulders, get it looked by a chiropractor, especially Dr. Chun.

I had lower back pain, mid back pain, hip pain, and pain radiating down my left leg. I have taken pain medications, injections in left hip and physical therapy but I have not been seeing great results. After seeing Dr.Chun, I now have more energy, stability, and fewer headaches. Having never received chiropractic care before, Dr.Chun and his staff made this a very pleasant experience. I could have chosen to go outside the network for my secondary insurance and go with a name I knew from people who used chiropractic care before but I am very happy that I chose not to do so.
I chose to receive chiropractic care as a preventative measure for future problems. As a musician, ití»s very important for me to stay properly aligned and free of pain. Seeing Dr. Chun was primarily to fix any small problems I was developing before they became big problems.
I am impressed with how my body responds to acupuncture. Dr. Chun has a professional and reassuring method for explaining and administering acupuncture. I have been convinced that acupuncture is an excellent method of healing.
I had a horrible migraine for years. I thought I had to live with this since I couldní»t find right medicines to cure the pain. However, I havení»t had a serious headache after receiving chiropractic treatment. Ií»m happy that I doní»t need to rely on medication any more
When I was born (1955), I had no voice. The nurses laughed when I tried to cry and no sound came out. With the help of a chiropractor, who adjusted my neck, I was able to talk. Since then I have been singing as a professionalíŽ As you can see great results through chiropractic, doní»t give up at first when getting adjustments. It takes time to get your body to stay realigned. If you doní»t give up, it will eventually heal and get better.

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