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Good posture is much more than aesthetic - good posture is critical in reducing the frequency and level of back and neck pain. Maintaining a good posture is especially important for patients who spend many hours sitting on a chair or standing throughout the day. Not maintaining a good posture can add strain to muscles and put stress on the spine. Over time, the stress of a poor posture can change the anatomical characteristic of the spine, leading to the possibility of constricted blood vessels and nerves, as well as problems with muscles, ligaments, discs and joints. All of these can be major contributors to back and neck pain, as well as headaches, fatigue, and possibly even issues with major organs and breathing. And an aesthetic problem should not be underestimated either, as bad posture may be used to judge the attitude and the fitness level of an individual.

Now that you understand the importance of posture, it is essential to understand what a good posture is. Viewing from the front, you should check and make sure shoulders and pelvis are at equal height from both side. Viewing from the side of the body, neck (cervical spine) and low back (lumbar spine) should have a graceful forward curve. Your neck carries your head, which weighs about 10 to 16 lbs (about the weight of a bowling ball) and as you carry the weight more forward, your neck gets more stress due to the leverage effect. This increases the tension on muscles, ligaments, and disc and it decreases blood circulation and lymph flow.

Another common postural deviation is pelvic imbalance. This can cause stress on the ankle, knee, and hip joints as it can affect your gait (the way you walk) as well as spinal joints. Chiropractic is focused on the aligning your spine. It helps to balance your body to improve your health and appearance.

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